It has been an honor to grow up in Atascadero and enjoy the rural atmosphere that our area offers, as well as enjoy elements of modern life in our city. Since 1978, our city, state and country have changed dramatically. I care about our hometown, our state and our country.

I resettled in Atascadero in 2006, chose it as the place I would raise my own family, and dedicated myself to making it a better place. My dedication has been a great sacrifice of time and money, but I hold faith that our community is still the best place to live in all of California.

This past year has provided a number of challenges to our local and regional social fabric that inspired me to run for City Council in Atascadero. Our community needs leadership and vision invested in the security of a bright future for our city, its visitors, and its current and future residents.

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In my own words. Watch my videos to hear my position about the issues.

My simple platform.

  • Safe and secure city for all our residents and visitors, built on an informed and engaged community.
  • An enthusiastic business community built on balance, cooperation and innovation, on the local and regional levels, in pursuit of an industry that improves the quality and quantity of head-of-household jobs.
  • Accountability within City management to ensure that our community resources are delivering the return on investment the community deserves.

The challenges our community and our world face this year present a clear need for a strong plan to deliver results for residents who invest their entire lives in our community for themselves and their families. We owe it to our elders who seek to enjoy retirement, to the children who seek the innocent pleasures of childhood, as well as those who enjoy an honest day’s labor for an honest day’s pay, to apply our community resources to a common vision that produces results.

As your City Councilmember, I will dedicate myself to ensuring that our community focus on our most important items including public safety and security for all people, support for local small business — the backbone of our general welfare — and the pursuit of a genuine Atascadero industry built around what makes Atascadero a great place to live, work and play.

Where I stand on current issues

  • I support peaceable assemblies that do not create conflict with the natural expectation of free travel and peaceable assembly of others
  • I support the Bill of Rights
  • I support accountability of law enforcement and the justice system
  • I support proactive and responsive law enforcement in the just application of law to the benefit of health and safety of all People, from citation to adjudication
  • I support our local fire and emergency support services
  • I support anti-human trafficking efforts
  • I support the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance
  • I support free markets and free enterprise in all its forms
  • I support local government control
  • I oppose the 1% sales tax increase for Atascadero
  • I oppose the fascist, socialist, communist and Marxist movements, hostile/violent protests, injury to life and destruction of property
  • Want to know how I stand on any other issues? Email me your questions.

Please help me earn a seat on the Atascadero City Council with a donation toward our campaign, volunteering to help share my positions and messages, and hosting a campaign sign at your home or business.


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