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I will dedicate myself to a single aim during a single term on the Atascadero City Council

There is only so much one person can do on the City Council during a four-year term, but I know that my impact will be substantial in areas of need on the council.

As a father, husband, friend, business owner, property owner, volunteer, and community voice, I will put my full weight behind moving Atascadero toward a more sustainable, more safe, more healthy community. We face a significant deficit as a result of complacency in economics and public safety.

Over the past several years, I’ve spoken at length with members of our community and members of our City administration. The stories I heard from each source did not agree with each other. The community complaints over business issues and public safety were valid, but the City administration dismissed them as insignificant.

The results bear out that the community complaints were indeed significant, and that a proactive attitude and effort can maximize results to make our community safer for all our residents and visitors, and more sustainable and vibrant economically.

This isn’t to say that the City administration doesn’t care or doesn’t put forth effort, but sometimes there is a need for an enthusiastic propulsion toward a goal that can bring needed results before the realization of a major problem is exposed.

Being a City in California is difficult, because the State policies at times conflict with what is best for our community, and the leadership at our State level has most-recently shown to be incongruent with the needs of our local residents and businesses. This can happen at a public safety level as well, and we need to have a voice speaking on behalf of the people to the State, not on behalf of the State to the people.

Our constitutional republic is not a top-down government, but a government for the people, by the people, of the people, and we need a strong and confident voice willing to express the will of the people to the administration of the County, State or Federal government. America was built on this principle and will continue in liberty and justice when this principle is foremost at our local levels.

There is not one business owner that should have a greater voice than another, nor should one business owner have a lesser voice than another. Creating the platform for open discussion on topics that matter to our local residents and businesses to address concerns with interested parties is not something that should be exclusionary. Together, we are better.

I will ensure that the voices involved in the discussions are represented with the foundational principles that formed our founding documents almost 250 years ago because those principles are just as valid today as they were when they were originally expressed. Our business community is the lifeblood of our society and we can only have a vibrant community when we have a vibrant business environment.

I will dedicate myself to ensuring the voice for Atascadero businesses and residents is represented clearly during my term on the City Council.

A vote for Nicholas Mattson in 2020 is a vote for economic confidence, health, and safety for all.

My simple platform:

  • Safe and secure city for all our residents and visitors, built on an informed and engaged community.
  • An enthusiastic business community built on balance, cooperation and innovation, on the local and regional levels, in pursuit of an industry that improves the quality and quantity of head-of-household jobs.
  • Accountability within City management to ensure that our community resources are delivering the return on investment the community deserves.
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